Holy Ghost Movie

I had just viewed the Holy Ghost Movie made by Bethel.tv

I was amazed at the amount of evangelism and stepping out in faith these men were doing. From local to India sharing their faith of love of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, faith, healing and indwelling of spiirt was so abundant in the film. It was about 184 minutes long but well worth it for the gospel message it produced.

I was also amazed at the people who were featured, the band Korn, as I recalled years back they were not very holy in anything they produced -but now, Christ has taken over their lives in spirit they are praying for people, healing in Jesus name and more! Talk about a transformation experience!

The message is clear in this movie, not about religion… it’s about relationship with Jesus. Please support this film.



Gods Playing Field

Each ady we make a decision to follow God, many times when you are caught up with the things of this world, you follow other things. What does God say about this in His Commandments?

I am the one and only God, you shall not put any gods before me. So that being said, I say to you what are you doing that prevents you from following the one true God?  If only people would see themselves from Gods perspective they might understand that He is a very jealous God and when you worship other things and put them before Him, he gets angry. For He is the glory of Heaven and earth and should always be worshipped like that.

So when you ae on Gods playing field you have to look at things from his view and trust in him not people or things that drive you away. The perfect way is to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and do not look at any other gods. Jesus is waiting for you, right now to come to him, seek his face make him your Lord and Savior as you ask him to forgive your past sins and rebuke the time you spend not seeking Him. Be sure to read the Gospels and hear Jesus speak to you through them. Jesus was a sacrificial lamb sent by The Father for you, he shed his blood for your sin, he redeemed your life through His death and resurrection, There is no god/gods that have done this. Seek Jesus, change your life!




When God Abandons A Nation Part 3

When is Gods Wrath and abandonment?

Chapter 44 God has brought a great disaster on Jerusalem and the towns of Judah  verse 2- “Today they lie deserted and in ruins, 3 -“because of the evil they have done, They provoked me to anger by burning incense and by worshipping other gods that neither they nor you nor your fathers ever knew.”

Even the prophets were ignored.

How God deals with a Nation is in his hands, we see the nations at this rising up against each other and the punishment is theirs. Their infliction of self righteousness and anger towards each other as uprising occurs and all the people are left in ruin. But God has his moments when as a loving Father he will come forward and heal his people in the day of redemption. So as a follower of God, we must consider these things, is the day of reckoning at hand? Are we prepared to see that God has been provoked in many ways, the Nations are turning away from the truth of the gospel and preparing themselves for what may be inevitable danger to themselves.

We as a Nation, must stand firm on our God and His promises. He will be our only salvation and when we are not following what he commands us to do then we are in trouble. Turn your back on Him He will turn his back on the Country.


So this is the last post on this subject, my answer to all is clear, Praise God, look to Him and pray for this Country and countries all around the world, we are in crisis now, we need prayer, your prayer for us all.



Making an Appointment with God

Recently I had lost a corporate job due to downsizing and have been doing a lot of praying on where God will send me next so  thought it was a good time to make a divine appointment with God for tomorrow and seek His will and a garden setting was the choice for quiet prayer.

So I set out for a beautiful Botanical garden in Ringwood NJ and got out of the car and walked, they had every kind of flower blooming and with camera in hand I set out to find the place to have that appointment. I found a gated area with a bench and some amazing green plant life with paths.

The reason I am writing to you about this is not the garden, job or anything else but really about the time you set aside for God. I realized that I don’t give God the time He deserves from me. I spend a lot of time in front of a computer, walking occasionally from the desk, but not looking at the word of God enough and not giving God time to speak into my heart, instead I’m filling it with more websites, emails and things to keep me away from spending that quality time with him which he requires us to do.

Back to the appointment, I sat down on the bench and looked around and thought God what do you want me to do? I don’t have an answer for direction which I am seeking, but instead, right there was everything he created for his appointment with me. The garden was created by gifts he gave to people to structure an area so beautiful that the waiting room for the appointment was perfect.

This is the point: Jesus many times went to the garden by himself to pray, that was his divine appointment with His Father. We need to do this more, get away from the desk and make the appointment!



Love That Betrayer

Loving Betrayers

Everyone can relate to this, we have all been betrayed by someone or many people in our lifetime. We probably have betrayed someone consciously or unconsciously at some point.

But the biggest betrayer is own hearts when we betray Jesus -not talking about him to others, not sticking up for Him as King if we look  at the table of the last supper, He was as innocent as a dove and yet betrayed for 30 pieces of silver. What good is all that you have if you don’t have His love? You are betraying Him and yourself out of a relationship with the mighty King.

Now betrayal comes in many forms, it can come with a whisper of gossip, it can come as a way of not telling someone something they should know, but the biggest betrayal is the lies that we tell ourselves when we think it is all about what we have done and taking credit for someone else’s ideas or work. Now this could look like the best friend you have the one you have looked up to and became crushed over when they betrayed you for possibly someone or something else. The person you have spent many hours over worrying, then turns their back suddenly on you with no explanation. That’s hard to understand for anyone.

But if you have the heart of Christ, you can forgive them and love that betrayer. What does Jesus do when Judas betrays him? He forgives him, but we know Judas fate for his action in this.

John 13:18 (New Testament) Jesus Predicts His Betrayal “I am not saying these things to all of you; I know the ones I have chosen. But this fulfills the Scripture that says, ‘The one who eats my food has turned against me.’

Love the Betrayer, forgive them and yourself-move on from it- Love Jesus and stay true to Him!

Are You Feeling The Blessing?

It’s that time of year, that time when everyone is getting ready for this Night, Christmas Eve. But lately when I am out, I am not seeing much of the joyful experience that God wants us to have. It feels like the spirit of Christmas, of our Savior’s Birth is just something that people feel obligated to fulfill through gift giving, pressure and the stress of getting it all done in time.

Now, think about this, when God determined the time of Jesus to be born, the world was also in chaos, wasn’t it? the Romans were taking over everything, just havoc everywhere and the people of Israel still faithful, waited for the coming foretold King that Isaiah the Prophet had told them about. so waiting was in their sight, the pressure of the times were so great, so many sufferings, so much worldly desires of the time.

So here comes Mary, a humble, loving human being, of no noble birth, but chosen to bear a Savior for the world. what a huge time for the world, unknown to man that The King of the universe will be born in a manger and of humble, surroundings.  The  faith of the two people who carried this unborn child to the place of the manger were chosen by God for this purpose. Think about how they felt, put yourself in their place. They didn’t know what to do but to hold on and live by faith and guidance of God. Now the reason for this is that God wants us to know that no matter where we are in this season, He will be there for you. The world holds many things, luxuries, gold and silver but God is everlasting and the stress you are feeling, the depression that holds you bound will dissipate when you have mighty faith as Joseph and Mary and that you are blessed because of this, that they did in faith.

Now, look at the things you have done in the last couple of days, with all this in mind, are you really praising and looking at the whole picture of what God has done for you? He sent His Son humbly into the world to define you, to die for all your sins, coming into the world and leaving in the same way, humbly, no shame and bearing all sins.

So I am saying to you, feel the blessing Immanuel is with us. AMEN

Is God Touching Your Heart?

So busy every day trying to keep up with the world. It gets to be where I have to try fit God in to my day, I simply don’t agree with this plan. I want to sit down and focus my time on Him to praise Him, but all of the sudden it’s time for work, I just don’t get to that time with the Lord that He really wants me to focus on, that sacred time with Him, talking to Him about the people in my life I want Him to bless and heal, the thankfulness that I want to praise Him for.

These things are important to our God

So this is a reminder note to you, don’t just let the day get away from you. Pray and seek Him always, set time aside for Him so that He knows He is the center of your life.

Seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.


There is Hope

My Rose plant I call Hope

My Rose plant I call Hope


About a year ago I bought this half perishing rose-bush at a discount price from a Garden Nursery Center.  I planted it in my garden next to a large Cross that my husband made, hoping that it would be a climbing rose-bush right around the cross. I fertilized it and watered it and gave it special treatment more than the other rose plants I had around it , hoping that it would flourish, but sadly with each passing day this spring it started to die.

So in my “got to fix everything mode” I replanted it and gave it less attention hoping that it would either take it’s turn or not.  About three days ago, I was passing it by on my way to the garden and saw this miracle, it had grown a new branch and one yellow rose which I now call hope. The reason (there are so many) that I call it that was because just when I think there is no hope, God replants me.

He will rise me up and out of situations or bless the ones I am in just to show me there is hope and that He listens to the small things we ask for or think about. So in my writing this to you, if you are down or depressed or even think you can’t get out of something, there is hope through Jesus Christ and that your road ahead is far better with Him as your guide.


Are you Living by the Fruit or the Sin?

In Galatians 5:16-17 it says: So I say live by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of your sinful nature. For the sinful nature what is contrary to the spirit and the spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature.

We should be reading this a lot because don’t we find ourselves doing things we should not do or say ? Like if you are standing with someone who does not abide by God’s word and says things you find yourself jumping in on? Saying things about other people you should not say. Hiding the truth from another believer for fear of hurting them.

So let me just put this in prospective, Paul says these are the acts of a sinful nature, sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery,idolatry and witchcraft, hatred, discord jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy, drunkenness, orgies and the like.

Paul’s next sentence is: I warn you as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

But then Paul talks about the fruit of the Spirit: joy, peace, patience kindness,goodness, faithfulness,gentleness and self-control. Against such  things there is no law.

So I say to you, the reader, are you following the fruit or the sin?  Try to remind yourself of this when you open that mouth. it’s probably going to get you in trouble if you say the things that can enable someone to repeat bad behavior.

Seek the right fruit and love our God and Savior Jesus Christ the Lord!


Jesus, Open my Spiritual Eyes

When we look at the text in the Bible, we must always ask God to open our spiritual eyes to what the scripture is showing us. Some scripture that we read will penetrate our minds and soul  that we can see Jesus fully in all ways. But if we rely on our own knowing then we will not see what the scripture actually holds.

Jesus spoke in many spiritual ways with parables  that when we read them each time the meaning gets deeper, the walk stronger the path straighter. So pray, Lord open my spirit, open my eyes so I may see you today just the way you want me to. Lord thank you for giving me the Holy Spirit so that I May walk with you and obey you in all things