About -No Turning Back

In 2009 the Holy Spirit took hold of my life and with Christ I began a journey of learning and growing, many times I have desired in my flesh to go back to the way I was running my life but realized it wasn’t going to work. In so many ways and so many times I had to direct myself back to Jesus and what He did for us all on that cross.

I realized as I was growing that it’s not about me, it’s about my service on this earth for Him and what He calls me to do. I can’t say I’m there yet but as time goes on I’m getting closer to the understanding of letting go and letting God do His work in my life.

I invite you to listen for the call of the Holy Spirit in your life, He calls us to Christ and a relationship with Him. As you start to pray ask for that closeness and don’t be afraid, you will find freedom there and overwhelming love.

May you receive Christ in your heart my friends.



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