Who said your life was going to be easy?

We come into this world with nothing and if we are blessed enough will have people that help us along the way. That’s a gift that maybe some have overlooked and taken advantage of.

Then a time comes when you have to stand on your feet or leave that situation and you simply don’t want to break from what you have always thought was a stable relationship or living arrangement, that’s hard especially when things were going well.

You might even have held out as long as possible, avoiding what you have to face finding out that disappointment is coming when you face challenges that are bigger than you can handle. Breaking free, it’s not easy.

Have you made up your mind that what you have always had, you are going to always have, but it may not be necessarily true. Standing on your feet in the midst of storms isn’t easy, but very necessary because it strengthens you for what is ahead and how you handle it, this is where you find the lessons.

What if you have a difficult manager/ boss that rides you all the time? Are you going to walk away because people in your life have buffered that zone for you? Again the lesson for you is in how you handle it. It’s standing on your feet and making decisions.

Maybe someone close to you like a spouse, friend or family isn’t very nice to you, do you walk away in disappointment or anger or do you stand firm and try to understand where they are at and be forgiving or breaking free from difficult people.

In our lives are many lessons from birth to death and how we mature through the lessons along the way. Have you learned from it and able to handle it better or are you still depending on someone for help that maybe that person isn’t capable anymore of handling. Consider others and how they would feel and begin to stand on your own feet, learning and looking at how these circumstances are growing you.

Someone might be throwing you out of the nest right now!

It’s what you do in your life, how you grow through difficulty and maintain integrity that brings you to a whole different level. Asking God for strength in times of difficulty will grow you and help you to understand that all comes from God, your pleasure, joy and those difficult situations, He is growing you and shaping your life in ways that strengthen you for this journey ahead so that we no longer feel the need to always depend on others but always depend on God, do this in a simple prayer of asking.

You aren’t in this life for things to be easy and God doesn’t make your life that way, He said we will have trials, go to Him praise Him in storms and in all things given to you. Depend on God!

Philippians 3:15

All of us, then, who are mature should take such a view of things. And if on some point you think differently, that too God will make clear to you.


Growing Your Faith, Depending On God/Nancy Sabato-Amazon books

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