Forgiving the Unforgivable

How do you forgive something that is so unforgivable? 

Do you avoid them? Do you pretend that it didn’t happen? How do you go on having a relationship with that person or the behavior that person has done. Sometimes I find that going over the situation only makes you feel more exasperated, that what happened just should not have, how do you forgive something that tore your own soul apart? Maybe someone didn’t understand what you said or what he or she said or did. It’s like a vicious circle of reminders isn’t it?

But as hard as it may be and I know it’s difficult and I am not walking in your shoes, don’t know the circumstances, but I can tell you, that if you relinquish it to Christ, you will have peace, the peace that goes beyond what you can only imagine, something that calms your soul, moves you to tears over it but Jesus has a way of just wiping those tears away. Forgiveness is hard, pride comes because you can’t let that thing go, so let it go, it’s no longer your battle it’s now in the hands of Jesus.

Many times I have had to place the hurt at the Throne of Christ, knowing that because someone has done the unthinkable, the unforgivable, I can now look and say that the peace, which Jesus has given to me, outweighs the act of what someone has done. Placing your trust in Him, who has forgiven you for many unforgiving acts against Him through sin, will help you understand why we need to forgive because He forgave us and went to the cross for us so for Him, we are His ambassadors in this world, we represent Him as we turn the other cheek.

So as you read this, is there someone that beckons your heart that needs to be forgiven, I mean really forgiven without holding anything against that person? God wants our whole heart not just half or what you can spare, the whole heart to be molded and ready to follow His ways as we should everyday.

Colossians 1:14 
Because of what the Son has done, we have been set free. Because of him, all our sins have been forgiven.

New Year, New Results?

Here it is 2016 and 2015 just flew by! As I look back over 2015 I think about how much I have grown in a year. I guess I am saying that what I used to put all my emotional energy into, I now find it was really a waste of time. Many times I anguished over remarks that people made or something I said that I beat myself up over for a while but realize now that, it was too much time wasted and with no peace. As the end of the year approached I found a sense of growth that God had put into my life, by that I mean faith.

I was living a life two years ago that was providing an income every week that was amazing, but I lost my soul, I was working for the paycheck, struggling with emotions and resenting that I had to continue in that way basically till I retired. Then the bottom fell out and in the matter of three days my prayer requests went from “please God change my life” to “oh no, I don’t have an income”. So as I have always done, I document my days spent with God in prayer and when I looked back, I started with the despartion prayers of where can I find a job that I will like to ending in prayer “your will Lord, not mine”on December 31,2015.

There’s a part of us that just can’t see what God is doing, He may have separated you from a person, a job, a situation that was harmful to you or someone was taken from you that you loved dearly. But God wants us to put Him first because if you put your faith in this world that’s a dead end, we must put our hope and faith in God and go to Him for everything.

Romans 5:1 (NIV) Peace and Hope
 Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,

So have you really looked at the growth in your life over the past year? Have you matured as a Christian, becoming more like Him? Or are you still wondering why things haven’t changed in you or your circumstances? Do you have a child that you feel is lost or a marriage that is just getting worse? Have you gone to God in faith to change you or them, sometimes placing that person at the throne of God?

Pray: Lord, change me and make me more like you, forgive me and help me grow because I need you more than ever now, help me to love more and to rest in you when things get difficult. Amen

New Year, New Results?