What Is The True Meaning of Christmas Anyway?

What Is The True Meaning of Christmas Anyway?

How wonderful the Christmas season is, many people getting together, enjoying family and embracing each other in a time that seems to rush by so quickly. Many people feel that the season doesn’t mean anything to them anymore; it’s too much work, expensive and not enjoyable. Which brings to mind, what is the true meaning of Christmas anyway?

For many of us, Christmas is a time of gift shopping which sometimes turns the season from a once happy shopping experience into drudgery. Some people can be unkind in their actions as they push their way in front of others to obtain gifts that have no lasting value. This goes from a cheerful experience to “I wish Christmas was over!”

Isn’t it supposed to be a time of enjoying each other and catching up with family and friends? Or just having some down time to remember why we celebrate an amazing gift, the remembrance of the one who God sent into the world for us all and knowing this we should remember why we are celebrating this day, to rejoice because a Savior has come into the world. It’s a time when forgiveness of others is to be sought, a generous giving of love and support for those who need it at this time. To seek out people that are alone, maybe lost and would love to have someone visit them or invite them for a meal. It is a time when the sovereign Lord has accepted all who seek him in this life to remember that in the struggles he is with us, that in this life he cares for us all. A time for peace and where walls of un forgiveness are broken, turning our hearts towards others instead of to our own frustrations.

The truth is, if we did not have a Savior, there would be no celebration of Christmas, we wouldn’t be celebrating anything and regardless of how much you shop, bake, rush and get upset, none of it really matters because if you are looking at these things you are taking your eyes off the real reason, a true celebration of Immanuel (God with us).



Can Anything Grow Out Of Kindness?

Since the beginning of mankind there have been people that have walked in God’s Kindness, it’s not about proving to anyone who you are in God, it’s the way you walk, talk and show your love to others, that’s an ezpression of God.

Now there are people that will come and go in your life, some very difficult to deal with. But when you show your Godly Kindness, this brings that person into the knowledge of what God is like. When you show your kindness, it reflects the person you are in Christ Jesus.

So warm your hearts to the gospel message of grace, become more like Jesus and from there your acts of kindness are clearly seen and you are growing in your walk with the Savior. We are on this earthly journey to show others how we behave as Christians and are we walking the talk. If someone isn’t kind to you, do you give them the cold shoulder? No!  You treat them as a brother or sister in Christ. Teach them what it is to walk that way and encourage them to walk closer to Jesus, He is God’s one and only Son, the living God of peace.

So grow and learn more about Christ, this world is fading, withering like grass, but the words of the Lord endure forever!

Galatians 5:22

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,