Please God, Live Forever

1 John 2:17    

 And this world is fading away, along with everything that people crave.      

But anyone who does what pleases God will live forever.

God has given us such an amazing planet to enjoy. The beauty is outstanding in all four corners of the earth, but as we know, the earth is fading away and we draw closer to heaven, which is or real home.

But how about the people we know that put their faith in this world and what it provides? Yes we could see it all and never be satisfied, we could have every luxury that we set our eyes on. We could try to stay as youthful as possible, for some changing their appearance just to stay as young for as long as possible.

The question is, how long do you think the world will sustain you? Do you thirst for Christ? Since He is the living water, the bread from Heaven and with Him we can be set free from the desires of this world and set on a heavenly home ahead. The things of this world are empty, but with Christ are fulfilling!

Have you given yourself over to Christ? Have you prayed the sinners prayer which is,

Jesus, please forgive me of my sins, I want to make you the Lord of my life, with you I know that I am saved and transformed daily by your love. Amen.

When you come to Christ, your life becomes renewed, it’s a journey and process of transformation every day, so don’t give up or give in, the rewards are beyond great, not here on earth but ahead in heaven.


Published by Nancy Sabato

Christian Writer, Author and Speaker "Encouraging and lifting you to know Christ"

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