You Can’t Go Back There

Have you ever gone through some difficult times, when you know that the place you loved and cared about had to come to an end? Sadly, this happens to all of us, we leave careers for retirement or downsize, we leave a church because you moved or just started attending somewhere else. But the thing that amazes me is that even when we try to go back, it’s fine for a short time but then you realize how much you have grown since you were gone and you just can’t go back there.

That’s the wonderful grace of our Lord, He’s always changing us, helping us to grow and to see things from another perspective, how comforting to be able to know He has  plans ahead for us and how He changes us inside out to get us ready for them.I have met so many wonderful people along the way, but not everything is meant to stay the same for your whole lifetime. Growing is important, just as breathing is, if we don’t make the move or draw ourselves closer to Jesus, we will miss out on all the blessings He is going to give, we merely have to trust Him for whatever will be next for us. So hold fast, you may not understand why you were separated from something or someone, but God is working on that right now because His love for you surpasses all the things you worry about, don’t you know how high wide and deep His love is for you?He won’t leave you without a greater plan!

This is my favorite scripture because I live knowing that there is so more to see and do and that God has plans for me and you!

1 Corinthians 2:9

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived, what God has planned for those who love Him.

God’s Grace by Nancy Sabato on Kindle

God’s Grace on Kindle by Nancy Sabato

Sometimes it’s very hard to see God in your life, you might be going through this now, some worry has you bound up, but that worry isn’t from God, because Jesus tells us not to worry but to trust and in His love and grace as children of God that’s what we do we wait on Him and know that Grace is freely given by God, there is nothing, no work, no rules you have to follow nothing but the love of God that He provides to you, that’s what Grace is!

I wrote a small devotional on Kindle books called “God’s Grace” I think you will enjoy it and with hope that you will be inspired by it and prayer along with me in the pages.


God’s Grace on Kindle