Learn & Grow

Last week I was at a Bible study and there was a woman there that was so full of the Holy Spirit, I was amazed that I found someone who is strong in faith, no wavering. I have met people over the years that spoke strongly in the word of God, but when I walked away I just didn’t feel that “holiness” that is connected to a faithful follower, I’m talking about someone with no issues, they can follow God but somehow the vain slips in and you just know they aren’t fully engaged in God.

This woman taught me something about myself, she taught me, I still have a long way to go yet in studying, denying myself, understanding scripture and fully devoting myself to God in the way that I should. So if I could rate her on her walk, I would place her at in the top 5 people I know that are fully devoted to the word and walking in it.

I love Bible studies because you think you know more than you do when you walk in, when there are people in the group that just know more than you! They may pray in a mighty way and place the line all at Jesus feet, it’s pretty amazing how they love Jesus. So I guess what I am saying to you today is, get involved in a Bible study, if you are studying alone that’s great too but honestly, it’s so much better when you can see another perspective on scripture, maybe there was a hidden nugget you didn’t even know was there (I get thrilled when I find one!).

Lastly, we always need to surround ourselves with godly people, because they help us to engage in the word, discuss it and apply it. So I encourage you today to go find one that moves your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. To listen and be discerning in what you hear. Be alert and on your guard and mostly grow as a Christian.



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