Knowing Jesus Christ

Consider it all joy when you begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. We develop our time of knowing Him through prayer and where we begin our day seeking Him. If you give your day over to only your needs then it is always just asking and not knowing Him in the way He wants us to.

Let’s look at Him as a person in the time He was on earth, he was most likely brought up in such a way that God was pleased with His study of scripturesand in His divine love of his heavenly Father and looked to Him only in prayer and thankfulness.

Now thinking about his earthly family, they brought him up in such love and teaching that nothing could get in his way of devoting all his energies into obeying His Father as well as honoring his earthly parents, having joy in his work and siblings. But his focus was His Father and pleasing him was his intension.

There is so much we don’t know about Jesus because even though we were not alive at the time, we can bear knowledge that He loved everyone, even the ones that persecuted him right to the grave and beyond. We know that he was obedient and had mercy and compassion, that there was such a mystical way in his walk, a presense we can only have imagined but surely have when you are born again, but no one could understand fully the depth of Him except God, because He is was fully man and fully God. The most amazing thing that the scriptures tell us is that he frequently went off on his own to pray, even when he was deserted, he was praying, he had His Father, (we do too!) and he was always depending on Him.

We can only imagine how amazing he was, because when you know Him and have a relationship with him you are free, free from the binding burdens of a life of sin driven behavior that controls you. If you desire this relationship with Jesus, all you have to do is ask, but ask and mean it and expect your life to change my friend. You won’t be in love with the things of this world anymore, it’s going to change your heart, your conversations, your life. But remember there will be reminders around you that won’t agree with you, but you will weather this type of persecution.

Knowing Jesus as an intimate, friend, love, savior can only bring you salvation and an eternal life free in Him!


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