Stand Firm

Mark 13:12-13    “Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child. Children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death.  Everyone will hate you because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

It’s hard to think that this happens, but it is happening now. These are the days of selfishness, people have no filter on their mouth. Hurting and destroying relationships thinking only of their own self worth, happiness and pride. Family ties that have once bound together are now split apart with no regard of hurting someone. Seems like those who love God will face persecution for your devotion.                                             But Stand firm your rewards are ahead.

The end will come someday, but if it was your last day on earth today and you had to face Jesus, what do you think He will say to you? If you think you are getting into heaven because you are a nice person, think again. Having a real relationship with Jesus is the true way to heaven. Remember- Jesus says ” if you deny me, I will deny you.”

Just because you go sit in church once a week that’s no guarantee that you get into heaven, if you repent of your sins and ask Jesus into your life, make Him the purpose of living, He can transform you and free you from all this world holds you to and so again let’s look at the scripture at the end of Mark that says:                                                                                     “but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.”   #Jesus   #Stand Firm  #God


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