Running After What?

I see so many people running here and there. They run to the store to get the latest and greatest technology, to the bank to lord over their money and to the things of the world that someday won’t matter very much. All this running going on, like a race to see who can get everything accomplished they set their mind and heart on, until one day they wake up and see that what they ran so hard for is just a dry well.

Underlying this running is running from Christ. They find everything so attractive that they run away from the one who can truly nourish their souls. The well they run to is empty, now seeking more water to drink, they continue to run for things that they think satisfy their lives, but the soul is still craving Jesus, but the sin is covering that sight.

So I say to you who are running… stop and look for the one that can satisfy your soul, the one who is waiting for you to come to Him and be with Him and to have that relationship that you deeply desire, unconditional love that never dries up. Stop running my friend and pray to the one who shed His Blood on the Cross to save you from the running of looking for the world to make you happy. When you find Jesus, you will live.

Matthew 16:26   For what will it profit them if they gain the whole world but forfeit their life? Or what will they give in return for their life?th-14


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