Beauty in Gods creations

Quiet Your Spirit

Christmas is a time of reflection and forgiveness. Think about the many people in this year that you had experienced joy, happiness, disappointment and pain with and as the days get closer and things are finishing up with last-minute details of gatherings, food and gifts, maybe it is truly a time of reflecting on what happened this past year that really changed you.

Now, I know a lot of people that had so many different crises and had to deal with health issues, emergencies, people and impatience.  I had my share and so did a lot of the people in my life, just when you thought you were through with everything something came in from behind you weren’t expecting. But God carried you through it, didn’t He?

I love the fact that in the midst of all that has happened, I can still take the first part of the day and honor God as I sit and really try to Quiet my Spirit before him. With chaos blooming in a mad frenzy, I still can sit and quiet the out of control circumstances of my life with the time I give just to God in praise of it all, that’s when the Holy Spirit intervenes and takes hold of you and gives you that peace that in beyond all understanding, that peace that surpasses life’s anguish.

So my friend, take time, spend time with God and quiet your spirit, it’s like excercise for your soul.godssimplekindness.jpg




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