Quiet Your Spirit

Christmas is a time of reflection and forgiveness. Think about the many people in this year that you had experienced joy, happiness, disappointment and pain with and as the days get closer and things are finishing up with last-minute details of gatherings, food and gifts, maybe it is truly a time of reflecting on what happened this past year that really changed you.

Now, I know a lot of people that had so many different crises and had to deal with health issues, emergencies, people and impatience.  I had my share and so did a lot of the people in my life, just when you thought you were through with everything something came in from behind you weren’t expecting. But God carried you through it, didn’t He?

I love the fact that in the midst of all that has happened, I can still take the first part of the day and honor God as I sit and really try to Quiet my Spirit before him. With chaos blooming in a mad frenzy, I still can sit and quiet the out of control circumstances of my life with the time I give just to God in praise of it all, that’s when the Holy Spirit intervenes and takes hold of you and gives you that peace that in beyond all understanding, that peace that surpasses life’s anguish.

So my friend, take time, spend time with God and quiet your spirit, it’s like excercise for your soul.godssimplekindness.jpg




Gifts Fade-Jesus Lasts Forever

It’s about two weeks away from the celebration and remembrance of Christ, anticipated by the world. But how many are actually celebrating with this in mind? Other than Christians that are celebrating the joy of an anticipated savior. The other people are anticipating gifts and may not even know the whole reason behind it.

Often you see ad’s for extravagant gifts that people give to each other or “Buy Now!” so you can make that over budget purchase that is regretted later. For What? This is not the true spirit of Christmas. People scurrying at “Black Friday” trampling others for gifts that will fade away over time and be forgotten.

I say to you the one and only gift that truly matters is Christ and that gift is free!

So when you make that heavy-duty purchase, you know the one you can’t afford or maybe that person doesn’t appreciate (or does) just remember that 2000 years ago the most beautiful and glorious free gift was given to us and if you want to share this free gift of Jesus, just quote this and ask if people know why they celebrate and gather

“Joy to the world, the Savior’s come, let earth receive it’s King!”

Maybe they don’t know who the King is-perfect intro into what Jesus did for us when He came.

Now go, make disciples!




Storms In Life

It’s the end of the year and as I look back over all this events of 2014 I will have to say they were very stormy.  I can’t recall a day when I said this year has been great. Everyone I know has some kind of crisis going on in their life.

But you know, I continue to think how God stayed with me through all the storms. I felt left alone alot in my thoughts, but somehow knew that God had a plan through all the trials of losing my job, walking away from a church that I loved so much. There was a plan that I just could not see through this all. I took a Monday Evening class at Hawthorne Gospel Church on 1 Peter that really helped me just at the end of the class, when the Pastor Dave Anderson spoke about the trials that we go through, sometimes persecution in ways that aren’t fair, losses that can really hurt or destroy us. It was a really rough year but ultimately a really great year! Losing my job meant I have to depend on God more fully, just waiting on His direction is a faith I never knew. Standing in the faith with God is something that cannot be explained unless you are walking in it yourself, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. It is by this faith that He alone has opened doors in my heart that I completely trust in Him all the time to guide and direct my path.

I saw my prayers take a total change from self asking to asking God for His will, I stopped thinking about what I wanted and looked heavenward for what He wants. It wasn’t easy and I had alot of time to restructure and heal from a long time of just not knowing what to do. So seeing alot of things change in my life that I just didn’t understand when I was going through it I was at times devestated and I could not understand why God was changing my circumstances, why would he take a job away from me, a church out of my life, health issues. What was God doing, He was developing my strength.

1 Peter 5:10 And the God of all grace through His eternal glory in Christ, though you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you, make you strong, firm and steadfast.

Thanks Pastor Dave Anderson