Choices We Make

The other day I was in an elevator and there were some people who were working a vendor show in a very big venue. I made a joke about something and right afterwards I heard murmuring behind me. Now I could have been wrong, but I thought I heard a negative comment, so with that (and my sensitivity) when the elevator door opened and we proceeded to walk out, I turned to them in a joking way (but serious in my mind) and said you all have to stay here, they laughed and say oh no!

Now there are some choices we make, let me start with my behavior, I may have over thought what I heard, but you pretty much know when someone is making fun of you… and also I could have just thought that’s their worldly view. Jesus would have laughed along with me!

The other view is the point I really need to make. When we make decisions about how we treat others, if in any negative way, we could be left behind in our growth. I first thought before I started to write this, maybe this is what Jesus meant when He spoke about the eye of the needle and the camel it won’t be easy to get in to the Kingdom.

Our growth as a Christian is ongoing, we don’t learn it in a year, 2 years or 20, it’s a lifetime of learning and growing. Jesus teaches us through the Holy Spirit how to love others and how we react to others in our daily walk.

Now I learned from this, again, don’t react, stay quiet –

1 Corinthians 5:13 – when we are slandered we answer kindly. Up to this moment we have become the scum of the earth the refuse of the world.

Another day, another lesson!



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