Encouragement On The Journey

We are all striving to be better on our journey back home to God. Although many struggle deeply with this, God is encouraging us to stay the path of righteousness and trust in Him for our needs. If you seem to be swaying back and forth as if you feel this time that you are spending on projects and work that you feel is in God’s word isn’t going the way God has planned, well you are wrong! God is moving you in the direction you need to be so that the work you do is not in vain but for the good of the Kingdom.

Now let’s loom at the way we are representing Him in the world. Are we:

Praying before we go about a new venture in Christ?

Leading in the way we see Jesus lead

Standing firm against a unbelieveing world?

Striving for the goal and prize of Heaven?

Preparing Gods people for Jesus return?

Look at these things and think am I doing this for me, or for the Kingdom ahead? Is this work that I do here for me? Or is it for the people that surround me in everyday life, the unbelievers that see something different in you, something unique which is Christ living. I ask you to reflect on this, pray for guidance that what you are doing is Holy Spirit driven, not the world or the flesh. Because God will strengthen you for the tasks, but you must stay in prayer as you accomplish the things in this world that He calls you to do. Stay focused For God! OMEN!