Are You Feeling The Blessing?

It’s that time of year, that time when everyone is getting ready for this Night, Christmas Eve. But lately when I am out, I am not seeing much of the joyful experience that God wants us to have. It feels like the spirit of Christmas, of our Savior’s Birth is just something that people feel obligated to fulfill through gift giving, pressure and the stress of getting it all done in time.

Now, think about this, when God determined the time of Jesus to be born, the world was also in chaos, wasn’t it? the Romans were taking over everything, just havoc everywhere and the people of Israel still faithful, waited for the coming foretold King that Isaiah the Prophet had told them about. so waiting was in their sight, the pressure of the times were so great, so many sufferings, so much worldly desires of the time.

So here comes Mary, a humble, loving human being, of no noble birth, but chosen to bear a Savior for the world. what a huge time for the world, unknown to man that The King of the universe will be born in a manger and of humble, surroundings.  The  faith of the two people who carried this unborn child to the place of the manger were chosen by God for this purpose. Think about how they felt, put yourself in their place. They didn’t know what to do but to hold on and live by faith and guidance of God. Now the reason for this is that God wants us to know that no matter where we are in this season, He will be there for you. The world holds many things, luxuries, gold and silver but God is everlasting and the stress you are feeling, the depression that holds you bound will dissipate when you have mighty faith as Joseph and Mary and that you are blessed because of this, that they did in faith.

Now, look at the things you have done in the last couple of days, with all this in mind, are you really praising and looking at the whole picture of what God has done for you? He sent His Son humbly into the world to define you, to die for all your sins, coming into the world and leaving in the same way, humbly, no shame and bearing all sins.

So I am saying to you, feel the blessing Immanuel is with us. AMEN