Oh Lord, How I Love You!

These words are coming so strongly in my mind today. I almost have to kick myself some days because I get to thinking about where my happiness should go. Is it in a job? no. Is it in Church? no. It’s in Christ and oh, how I Love Jesus. My life is full because of Him, because of Him I can live free from the worries of the world and trust Him no matter what. It’s because of Him I have food and rest. It’s because of Him that my troubles melt away in knowing Him.

And you know what? He loves me more! More than I know or you know. It’s so powerful the stars could fall at lightning speed and it could not catch up to the spread of love that Jesus has for us all. That being said, if you think you can find happiness in your stuff, think again my dear! It’s not happening. The stuff is temporary and the things of God are eternal.

Oh, How I love Jesus!



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