But The Greatest Of These Is Love

Love: And now I will show you the most excellent way ….1 Corinthians 13:1

In 1 Corinthians 13 Paul tells us what love is and isn’t.

Love is Patient     (even when you come to the end of your rope!)

Love is kind          (even when someone is acting selfish, or unfriendly)

…it does not envy  (be happy for them, know your blessings are great!)

…it does not boast (be humble in your ways)

…it is not proud     (show grace)

…it is not rude       (show kindness and mercy)

…it is not self seeking   (serve others)

…it is not angered   (be self control)

…it keeps no record of wrongs  (forgiveness)

…Love does not delight in evil, bit rejoices with the truth   (care about others feelings, think before you speak it)

it always protects  (looking out for others interests)

Always trusts         (even in the face of betrayal)

Always Hopes       (keep the faith!)

Always perseveres  (don’t give up on them or you)

So I say to you are you following Paul’s example or is your heart hardened and your mind full of un forgiveness?  Loosen up your chains on someone and love them , break free of what the world is holding upon you that you cannot reflect your Lord Jesus on earth and be like Him, loving and merciful. If you are facing difficulties right now I suggest you read this chapter and pray about it. Show love to others no matter what, even if the circumstances seem bleak, things can change just follow Christ example and Paul’s writing, you will be inspired to love and to show love to others



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