Promises of God

I often pray to God to direct my path, I can see how He works through daily needs of myself and others. But I am thinking to myself when are the promises of God going to be fulfilled? Now there are a lot of people out there preaching that the coming is soon, Jesus tells us yes His coming is soon, right at the door, but believe God that when He makes that decision not people, history has shown us that God is sovereign and has patience, His will is not our will and when He makes that time of the end come it will be His timing.

The events that are unfolding right now can be found in the scriptures of the prophets but I say to you, are you living for yourself or the coming? If the coming does not happen right now are you fulfilling your daily requirements of following Jesus? Are you following the Commandments of God? If you are living for the world, where is your promise? In the World? By Gods grace He has called you to come to Him, are you fulfilling that call? Are you not working at being a good Christian and walking in Gods ways?

Don’t be fooled by the world, the things of it are so temporary and unfulfilling that you are wasted in time with trying to prove yourself to it. God loves you right where you are and because you follow Him your life will be blessed, the more prayers asking to follow in His ways the closer you become like Him. We can never achieve that perfect place because we are of sin, but we can trust in Him and He will guide our path.

Sadly so many people right now are falling away from God but you must be the rock that holds them until the end, even if the Day of Lord is not yet here. We are Christians trying to encourage others and teach them Jesus way, love, and righteousness no matter what. Have patience my friends , Jesus is coming and when, only God knows, behave in the way He would require you to, work on the details of your life and be better at them. SHALOM

Isaiah 25:1 O Lord, you are my God, I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago.


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