Believe Jesus for Healing

If you have troubles, and are seeking help from God on health or emotions or maybe just a sign that he is there, Jesus wants us to know, that we can be healed when we clean ourselves up and become more like Him. You must be able to remove your sinful nature of taking what you think is yours and not believing in Jesus for the Healing that He can give you. It’s not easy ┬áto follow the Christian way, you must count the cost by giving up yourself to follow Him everyday.

You must also learn to listen to God when He speaks to you, stop trying to force things, He is in control and when you let it go, it gives Him more room to work in your life. He makes what is old in you, new. The physical or mental healing takes time, but you have to commit! Don’t think just because you believe and then go about doing things that are not God’s way –then you will not ever reap the benefits of a Godly life and be healed from this world’s burdens.

I am speaking to you! Stop trying to fix it. Let go, let Jesus into your life and BELIEVE IN JESUS FOR HEALING!!



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