Life Before Christ, Life With Christ

Ephesians 4:6 one God and Father of all that is over all and through all and in all.

How you lived in the past is not important to God, when you come to Him and give your life to Him He comes into you through the Holy Spirit and changes you,how glorious is that? How comforting is the Lord? When you give your life to Him He brings the secret things of Himself to you so you may grow in Christ and learn how to be a person of God, walking in His ways and not the world’s.

If you are born again then you can clearly remember what life was like before Christ. Your trusted the world’s ways and not God’s. you were dead in your sins being a victim to it all the time, being subject to the wrath of God, enslaved by satan. Many times we had fallen to evil thoughts and desires.

But the Good News is that because you follow Christ you have been made alive in Him, you are shown mercy and given salvation, you stand for truth and you are a child of God. You love and serve Christ now are raised with Christ to glory.

So ask God to refine you like gold,see the wonders He has for you!




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