Lay Your Troubles At The Feet Of Jesus

Are you Lost? Are you suffering? Are your emotions bringing you down?

Well lay those things “At The Feet of Jesus”

Can you imagine how down the disciples were when the one they loved so much left the earth, they must have been so troubled, what will they do without Him? Who would feel their pain, was it going to be no one at all? How would they face each day knowing that He, their King was no where in sight.How would they know that He would be back with them, they had to trust and have faith, even at the bottom of the barrel,  suffering loss they kept their faith. For Him the disciples risked everything, their own lives to keep the gospel moving because ultimately they knew what was ahead, persecution here on earth, a heavenly home in the Kingdom of God.

Our troubles are not what controls the earth, it is God who has all control, healing, love, mercy, forgiveness, all these things are a free gift for you and for me. Because of what Jesus did on the cross for us was nothing less than a miracle from our God and when we lay our troubles at the feet of Jesus, He knows!! He knows!! He knows what you are going through and is carrying you along and comforting you with His tenderness, how sweet Jesus is and how blessed are we?

So I say no matter what, look to Him for your answers and wait for Him to work through your life in ways you could never know about or see. May you rest in Him each day as  He longs for you to depend on Him and ask for that personal relationship with Him, Jesus longs for that and waits for you to want it too.




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