Fulfill Your Dream

Are you seeking the dream life? The Life in which you see yourself but cannot achieve? Well let’s start right here. The dream that you seek may not be the dream that God has in store for you. The dream that you see yourself doing may be not be the dream that will be revealed right now. But that does not mean that God will not fulfill your dream, it’s the intensity of the dream that you see that is taking it’s time in getting there, the dream that says to your soul, I see it , I can’t get there, but as God knows your dream,┬áHe gives you strength enough to tolerate the time that you are patiently waiting on Him.

But wait, wait right there! He wants you to pray, have you sincerely prayed about what you need to achieve? Is it that you have been provided the tools but just don’t know how to get there? Well God has a plan for that too. He’s been working on you from the time He has placed you here. The wait is just the time that He wants you to develop the skills to really complete the task that is coming before you.

Pray and be patient, so that He see’s that you are trusting Him in this dream that He ultimately put in you.



When you put your hope in Christ all things are possible


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