God Records Your Tears

In every life there must be some rain and we ask ourselves if God even cares or thinks of our pain or trials. In the Psalms David writes and speaks to our hearts as God is working through Him to reach us. I know through trials of my own I have been very weary and troubled, but I also know if I hold on for a short time the Lord works through the troubles to come to an outcome that is fruitful if we put our trust in Him.

David tells us inĀ Psalm 56:8 -Record my lament,

list my tears on your scroll

are they not in your record?

God sees all.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 10:30 “And even the very hairs of your head are numbered”

We can never know the vastness of God, but we can know this….We are counted by Our God in Heaven.

Maybe the world doesn’t notice us, but God surely does, His love his our life and our tears are recorded!




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