Simple… Receive.

What does that mean to God?

In Genesis, there were many people on earth wandering around in the desert not knowing what to do. God in his omniscient power restored them each day as they received Manna from Heaven.

But after a while, the people become weary and what did they do? They thought that God had given up on them because they couldn’t see all that God had in store for them and what they were going to receive. Do you think they were wandering around the desert hoping to achieve their goals of freedom or thinking maybe it was better to be back in Egypt as a slave they knew what to expect back there. But in their current circumstances they were already free!!  But what should they have done? Should they have looked up and thought when will we meet the redeemer for us? When will we reach the land that was promised? They missed the point of already having all they needed right there in front of them each day as God guided and provided Manna to them through the journey.

Although many people will dispute the fact that each day they wandered, they were not seeking after God, they were, they wanted a relationship with Him, and they learned to trust and have  faith in Him. Do you find yourself seeking after something that God has provided for you but not in the way you think you should have it? Are you trusting that all He has for you will be received?

There is a  blessing that God has for the future of His people who follow Him. Just because you don’t see all that He has for you now, that doesn’t mean you won’t receive all the blessings He has for you. It may not be always mean earthly blessings but the blessings of eternity you will receive with Him in the Kingdom.



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