A Fallen Country

The United States, in 1776 was blessed by God because the founding Fathers dedicated this Country to our Father God. But look what it has become? A dumping ground for sin and unjust behavior by the people. What has become of this Country? This isn’t what our fore fathers wanted for us, why did they fight? So we could be free to worship, have faith and belief in Gods word. But this isn’t where we are now. The chaos in this world is caused by sin. Sin causes people to fall to this world.

Often I tell peopleĀ if the fore fathers were here or could foretell the future of this Country do you think they would have died for their Country? For us to be free? Oh how it saddens God to see what we have become. A Nation not under God but of selfishness, pride and arrogance. Not so for the ones who still believe in this Country and our rights to be free as one nation.

But what will we do?

Where is the country headed in this time? Blame only ourselves for the mess that this has become, as always, God loves us but we have turned out backs against Him and His word. Sadly, my dears, we are headed for the fall. Only you have this great power to pray, this is your gift that is free, use it not for self satisfaction but for glory of God and protection for your family and life on earth. Be always brave and continue to believe that the almighty God, Yahweh is always watching us. Glory to He who sits on the throne in Heaven.



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