Cleaning Out Your Heart

The grace that the Lord bestows upon you is a peace that is beyond your understanding.

But should we grasp for the things in this world, we make known what it is that motivates us to live. Are we living for Christ? Or are we living for the world and what it offers. The reason why we ask ourselves these questions is because even though we grasp at the things that are around us what really matters is what we do for the Lord and how we show Him our heart .

So allow me to say that cleaning up the things that drive you is like cleaning up a sink, the outer parts are dirty, you start there, then as you clean the inner, you realize that everything that ever really mattered before no longer holds value for you. It’s like you’ve cleaned your outer parts but the inner needed the attention. This part of you that has become the object of the cleaning is seen throughout the epistles of Paul as he writes and is held captive so that Christ cleans his mind so he may tell us how. We rely on Christ for the cleansing because His cleansing is what makes us whole.

So I say to you, learn from what you were and now can become. Cleaning of heart, soul and mind and through prayer , you can achieve beyond your deepest needs these things. Through the Love of Christ you have eternal home with Him forever.



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