The Lord’s Arrival

Isaiah 7:14- Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: the virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel

The events of our Lord’s arrival are simply this: His arrival on earth was the beginning of our freedom in Christ Jesus forever as He reigns from Heaven over all the earth.

Could you even imagine if someone told you that your  destiny would be to give yourself up for mankind? The whole weight of the world, at that moment of birth was thrown on the shoulders of one. The one who came in on the day the world was praying and seeking for their Savior to arrive.

Isaiah 9:6-7  For us a child is born to us a son is given and the government will be on His shoulders and He will be called Wonderful counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on David’s throne and over His Kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this.

Therefore, my beloved, this is where the prophecy is fulfilled: In Matthew chapter one, Joseph was engaged to Mary, but he found out that she was with child and decided after he married her he would quietly divorce her because he didn’t want her to be disgraced (Matthew 1:19) but now the amazing part comes,the Angel of the Lord appears to Joseph in a dream and tells him that what is conceived in Mary is from the  Holy Spirit. (Matthew 1: 20)

Matthew 1:21 She will give birth to a son and you are to give Him the name Jesus because He will save people from their sins.

Signs in the Heavens were given by a bright Star. The Heavens were rejoicing, for His life, born is the most humble way was a gift that could never , ever be returned.

May Christ bless you and keep you.

Merry Christmas


Simple… Receive.

What does that mean to God?

In Genesis, there were many people on earth wandering around in the desert not knowing what to do. God in his omniscient power restored them each day as they received Manna from Heaven.

But after a while, the people become weary and what did they do? They thought that God had given up on them because they couldn’t see all that God had in store for them and what they were going to receive. Do you think they were wandering around the desert hoping to achieve their goals of freedom or thinking maybe it was better to be back in Egypt as a slave they knew what to expect back there. But in their current circumstances they were already free!!  But what should they have done? Should they have looked up and thought when will we meet the redeemer for us? When will we reach the land that was promised? They missed the point of already having all they needed right there in front of them each day as God guided and provided Manna to them through the journey.

Although many people will dispute the fact that each day they wandered, they were not seeking after God, they were, they wanted a relationship with Him, and they learned to trust and have  faith in Him. Do you find yourself seeking after something that God has provided for you but not in the way you think you should have it? Are you trusting that all He has for you will be received?

There is a  blessing that God has for the future of His people who follow Him. Just because you don’t see all that He has for you now, that doesn’t mean you won’t receive all the blessings He has for you. It may not be always mean earthly blessings but the blessings of eternity you will receive with Him in the Kingdom.


A Fallen Country

The United States, in 1776 was blessed by God because the founding Fathers dedicated this Country to our Father God. But look what it has become? A dumping ground for sin and unjust behavior by the people. What has become of this Country? This isn’t what our fore fathers wanted for us, why did they fight? So we could be free to worship, have faith and belief in Gods word. But this isn’t where we are now. The chaos in this world is caused by sin. Sin causes people to fall to this world.

Often I tell people if the fore fathers were here or could foretell the future of this Country do you think they would have died for their Country? For us to be free? Oh how it saddens God to see what we have become. A Nation not under God but of selfishness, pride and arrogance. Not so for the ones who still believe in this Country and our rights to be free as one nation.

But what will we do?

Where is the country headed in this time? Blame only ourselves for the mess that this has become, as always, God loves us but we have turned out backs against Him and His word. Sadly, my dears, we are headed for the fall. Only you have this great power to pray, this is your gift that is free, use it not for self satisfaction but for glory of God and protection for your family and life on earth. Be always brave and continue to believe that the almighty God, Yahweh is always watching us. Glory to He who sits on the throne in Heaven.


Who Do You Stand For?

This world, which will end someday, is just a moment in time. What we strive for is what is ahead, our Heavenly home. But while we are here on earth, we have work to do for the Kingdom. God gives each of us talents to bring together His people for the common good of others. We are not to step back or down from the tasks He has put in front of us. Sometimes it’s hard, He knows! It makes us frustrated, He Knows! It wears you out, He Knows! But what He also knows is you and how much He can count on you for help in the physical world and during this turbulent time. The world seems unsteady, but He is our Rock, stay focused on Him.

So be ready my dears! He is calling you for service, small or big, step up, step up I say!!! We are to stand up for God here in these times. Isaiah 40:8  the grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of the Lord lasts forever. So these things that last forever, don’t you want them? Read His word and understand.


Cleaning Out Your Heart

The grace that the Lord bestows upon you is a peace that is beyond your understanding.

But should we grasp for the things in this world, we make known what it is that motivates us to live. Are we living for Christ? Or are we living for the world and what it offers. The reason why we ask ourselves these questions is because even though we grasp at the things that are around us what really matters is what we do for the Lord and how we show Him our heart .

So allow me to say that cleaning up the things that drive you is like cleaning up a sink, the outer parts are dirty, you start there, then as you clean the inner, you realize that everything that ever really mattered before no longer holds value for you. It’s like you’ve cleaned your outer parts but the inner needed the attention. This part of you that has become the object of the cleaning is seen throughout the epistles of Paul as he writes and is held captive so that Christ cleans his mind so he may tell us how. We rely on Christ for the cleansing because His cleansing is what makes us whole.

So I say to you, learn from what you were and now can become. Cleaning of heart, soul and mind and through prayer , you can achieve beyond your deepest needs these things. Through the Love of Christ you have eternal home with Him forever.