Foundations built on God

The United States of America was built on the foundation of God Our Father and the Bible in which His word is planted in our hearts. Sadly, in this country that has not been honored, instead people put their faith in what they own, have or accumulate in money.

There is a hurricane brewing in the Atlantic Ocean which will hit landfall tonight and people think it’s mother nature, but we know who is behind this! The Wrath of God. Who now can say there is no God? Check the Bible, His hand is always in the circumstances, when sin runs out of control, when people turn their heads from God they will have to know who is to blame, themselves for their wrong doing. Like Sodom and Gomorrah He will do away with whomever He decides, whenever He decides. So I say to you who may stumble upon this blog post, repent and ask God to forgive your sins. You can be forgiven just for the asking, that is why Jesus bled and died for you, don’t forget this! Don’t forget who can really save you!


Unity in the body of Christ

In Ephesians 4, Paul writes to us and urges us to “live the life worthy of the calling you have received.”

It’s not easy to walk the walk with Christ, keeping things in check, like how you speak to others mainly in love. Somehow, we are caught between the sinful nature and following truth of God. So Paul asks us to “be completely humble and gentle, be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.”

So I ask you reader, are you having conflicts? Is someone holding you back? Are you being treated unfairly?  Well that which you have received from Christ is a heart like his, use it for the good of the Kingdom.



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Control the Tongue


Power in the tongue, it can destroy relationships, curse the people you care about and move you into battles you were not prepared for. So I say to you, control it, and make it more positive. Make your life positive and what you utter is heard not just by people but by God.

Ask God to help you with this, he enables you to learn through the Holy Spirit whenever you are doing wrong. So rely heavily on God for guidance. Shalom!

Refresh, Renew, and Request!!

Life seems to be going at a really fast pace these days, it’s like a spinning wheel and somehow we feel overwhelmed by all the things that keep us occupied. But wait! God tells us to stop, refresh, renew and Pray your requests to Him!

Wrapping yourself up in the things of this world can throw you off from seeking God, STOP! Pray and ask for a refreshing from Him. The throne is the place to place your heart felt requests for all who follow Him daily in obedience and prayers!

Begin to walk away from the things that entice your time away from the Lord, like time spent on the internet, watching TV or just being wrapped up in the world. Take time, sit back in a chair or couch and pray your request to the Kingdom throne of our Lord almighty God. For it is Him who gives you life and breath, changes everything in a flash and loves us with all His might and power giving us freedom at the cross not burdens of the world. Remember when you serve, serve as if you are serving Him ultimately that is who you are serving. And rejoice because all is right with God and may you continue to bring your requests to Him in thankfulness, praise and adoration!