Tower to God

Oh how we wait for our God! His love is our refuge in times of trouble. We can’t physically see Him but we know in our soul His is always available to us through the Holy Spirit. It is this that sustains us until the day He calls us home to Heaven which is our real home.

If people could only see that God is available to us in ways that only He can give. The world is just a place of folly, but it is God who controls it all. His breath is our life, His blood given to replace and cover all our sins. It is His glory that we wait for in this world that is shameful with pride and injustice. All that persecute the people of God will be repaid for the damage they incurred. Image

So do not boast about your life and hold on to it. You will surely lose it. But hold tightly on God’s Word written and left just for you. Shalom