Not following God, a Lost Generation

A lost generation.

That’s where we are. This generation does not put their faith in God, they put it in idols such as their iphone, ipad, laptop, video games and things that carry only short term happiness. Who is teaching this? Parents.

Yes, it’s you. What have you instilled in your child but to depend on the things of this world to make them happy, these things will never last. But there is good news.

A relationship with God lasts through eternity and when this life is over, the Lord of us all will judge each of us for what we have done and not done, how we behaved, who we worshipped. So take the time to stop and reflect on who you are worshipping as well and maybe your heart will turn to the one who loves you without conditions, better than any game, technical device or person can or would. Look to the Lord of all and you will see the peace that you have forsaken.

AMEN and Shalom

Who Is Your Leader? A President or God?

If the Israelites followed the King as their God where do you think they would be? They surely would not be the Nation that God loves so much. The place where your Savior was born and crucified.

Yet people on this earth give all sorts of their faith and power to a President. The world is full of people that are leaders but yet when things fall aprart who are they condemning? They look at the leadership. But are you seeing what i am saying? It’s God you must follow first. Put your faith in Him!!! Why are you leading yourself in a blind way? Our God rules the universe, not any Leader or President has any say in what God as commanded.

So while you are condemning this person or that person remember who put them in that position. The one that controls the world. You must put your faith in the God of the Universe, Yahweh, our Lord Jesus!