Staying Positive Around Negativity

Just yesterday I realized that there is alot of negativity that surrounds us. We are faced with objections from the time we take our first steps out of bed. “Oh my back hurts, that bed!” or just going for the paper, the first thing you see, some disaster or accident, theft or war. This doesn’t make a great start of your day not does it? Well negativity is always going to be around us, it’s how we address it in our own selves. Do we feed into it? Do we become part of it? Or do we just say, God you handle the world’s problems as I sit back and watch? Well let’s look at this statement alittle closer, what happens to us is a direct response to what we are doing. We have to learn that at times things happen around us because we have to learn how to address certain situations and God loves to watch our response. Are we taking it in stride? Are we learning from it? Or are we asking Him for Guidance? All these things are part of our learning to overcome objective behavior in ourselves.If we don’t face negativity how will we learn to overcome it? Everyday is a challenge but everyday you live, you are called to grow in love and grace as a light bearing ambassador of Christ. Don’t let other’s negativity get in your way, shrug it off and move forward. Just say to yourself, I pity the unbelief of that person and you move on!

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