Your words are a Mighty force!

Have you ever spoken to someone and the thrashing started, you know, one bad mouthful spoils the whole conversation, it was a downward slope at high-speed if you know what I mean. So after I leave a conversation like that all I want to do is asked for forgiveness, I contributed to it too.

You know when you are a Christian we are held to a higher standard, I wish there was a book for learning how to answer the fire flames of negativity, Although I find that each conversation has its certain flavor, this one was like blackened coal. Too much for me to deal with as it was.

Do you ever feel this way, you know it’s going to happen, but you don’t really know how to stop it. I know there are prayers out there that we can pray, if there is anyone reading this please send the prayers for us all to see. I know that Christ saved me from destruction and destructive behavior but what do you do with it when it comes your way and you cannot avoid it?

The deepness of my heart tells me to trust God for the answers but when it is in front of you – and you are trying to be kind how do you behave? Can a person convict without hurting someone, we are to be gentle yet with a very discerning heart. I believe that there is a reason for all things, people we face for a reason and there may be no changing someone, even if you have tried to lead them to the Lord. They just like the place they are sitting and its ok it’s their free will. For me, I desire to seek Him and be comforted that I love all people even if they hurt me, I don’t think they know they do it. Many times I don’t say anything because I think that is the way they are made, they don’t know the difference. But at other times, if someone is truly wrong I will step up and speak. Not to my desire though, I’d rather not face it. But if anyone out there has faced this and I am sure there are a lot, I would hope you could chime in and help others understand how to deal with this behavior.


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