New Year, New Beginning!

I took off this week for a staycation and most of it I thought about the things I did and didn’t do in 2011. I complained alot this year about everything, I said things I should not have, I slandered some people unintentionally. I didn’t stick up for people I should have but joined in instead and remarked right along with the crowd. Not good, at all.

Now for the things I did do, I stayed in my job another year, my health held up, I had food to eat, water to drink, a car, a home, a family and friends. I thanked God for everything everyday, every time I got a sale, I thanked Him. I thanked Him for everything and mostly gave thanks for the small unseen blessings He gave me through my husband and my girls. He changed some hearts in my house this year. Do you know why? Because I prayed for them and I prayed for people who weren’t very nice to me, hurtful ones that God has shown me where their heart lies and their priorities are. I saw people this year in a different light than ever before. I saw them as works from God, each person contributing and learning from one another-lots of spiritual lessons.

Now I can’t say or possibly know what you went through this year, but as you reflect back did you see changes because of prayer? It’s a mighty force for you and absolutely FREE!

Happy 2012 everyone, may God Bless you as you walk the paths He has set in advance for you!

This is my 175th blog post


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