If you are on God’s Team you are not a Quitter!

Having time off from work I picked up a couple of books that are teaching me how to remain satisfied with what I am doing while I learn and grow on God’s time. One of the books I started was a study paperback by Jill Briscoe called ” Here Am I-Send Aaron” published 1978, it’s an eye opener, my favorite chapter was -“Saved, Satisfied and Stuck” – Jill writes about the Christian life and how we must move forward. I am often”stuck” in this chapter alone for long periods of time.  I think I should be waiting on God, but weeks turn into months  and I stand still. I know God is developing me but at what point do you actually make a move? Does He open a door? Is His plan something I pursue even if He has not put it in front of me?…..I’m stuck!!! What should I do? Well Jill says it’s up to us and how long it takes to get going.

I long to think that God opens a door as well, does He keep us in the desert for a while to groom us and mature us for work that we are to accomplish? I have been writing in this blog for over 2 years and there were periods of time that I completely stopped. I just felt I had nothing to contribute, I believe at that time was growth, fighting those demons that keep you from moving forward. All in all I have to say that my life has been blessed and I have learned patience as well.

If I can tell anyone anything, I can say that reading these books are wonderful uplifters, getting in a Bible study is even better if you have a seasoned teacher. But mostly I only can impress your daily prayer life as a time when you can connect and know your direction as He works it through you and nudges you forward!


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