Merry Christmas? More like, a Jesus Celebration Party

People all over the world getting prepared for Christmas, decorating the house, tree and some times even themselves. Everyone is shopping, buying gifts for people they know, getting themselves prepared for the big day. But truly the whole reason we are getting ready is for Jesus! We are preparing for the arrival for the Lord, the deliverer, Christ the King……Jesus!!!

It’s not the stuff

So when all of us are with others celebrating the day with food, presents and each other’s company remember why we celebrate, it’s a giant birthday party celebration and our King is why we honor the day. So when you tune in to the news and see people fighting for gifts, sometimes brutally violent over material “stuff” you have to wonder, are they seeing the bigger picture? Peace, Joy. Love? This is what our Savior came to bring, throughout the ages of time, not violence, jealousy and hoarding.

So in this great Season of Christ, let us remember that what we do with our time here on earth is something we must always treasure because we may not always be together every year or see the ones we care for all the time. With this dear ones I wish for you the blessings of our dear Lord on this CELEBRATION EVE!


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