New Year, New Beginning!

I took off this week for a staycation and most of it I thought about the things I did and didn’t do in 2011. I complained alot this year about everything, I said things I should not have, I slandered some people unintentionally. I didn’t stick up for people I should have but joined in instead and remarked right along with the crowd. Not good, at all.

Now for the things I did do, I stayed in my job another year, my health held up, I had food to eat, water to drink, a car, a home, a family and friends. I thanked God for everything everyday, every time I got a sale, I thanked Him. I thanked Him for everything and mostly gave thanks for the small unseen blessings He gave me through my husband and my girls. He changed some hearts in my house this year. Do you know why? Because I prayed for them and I prayed for people who weren’t very nice to me, hurtful ones that God has shown me where their heart lies and their priorities are. I saw people this year in a different light than ever before. I saw them as works from God, each person contributing and learning from one another-lots of spiritual lessons.

Now I can’t say or possibly know what you went through this year, but as you reflect back did you see changes because of prayer? It’s a mighty force for you and absolutely FREE!

Happy 2012 everyone, may God Bless you as you walk the paths He has set in advance for you!

This is my 175th blog post

If you are on God’s Team you are not a Quitter!

Having time off from work I picked up a couple of books that are teaching me how to remain satisfied with what I am doing while I learn and grow on God’s time. One of the books I started was a study paperback by Jill Briscoe called ” Here Am I-Send Aaron” published 1978, it’s an eye opener, my favorite chapter was -“Saved, Satisfied and Stuck” – Jill writes about the Christian life and how we must move forward. I am often”stuck” in this chapter alone for long periods of time.  I think I should be waiting on God, but weeks turn into months  and I stand still. I know God is developing me but at what point do you actually make a move? Does He open a door? Is His plan something I pursue even if He has not put it in front of me?…..I’m stuck!!! What should I do? Well Jill says it’s up to us and how long it takes to get going.

I long to think that God opens a door as well, does He keep us in the desert for a while to groom us and mature us for work that we are to accomplish? I have been writing in this blog for over 2 years and there were periods of time that I completely stopped. I just felt I had nothing to contribute, I believe at that time was growth, fighting those demons that keep you from moving forward. All in all I have to say that my life has been blessed and I have learned patience as well.

If I can tell anyone anything, I can say that reading these books are wonderful uplifters, getting in a Bible study is even better if you have a seasoned teacher. But mostly I only can impress your daily prayer life as a time when you can connect and know your direction as He works it through you and nudges you forward!

Merry Christmas? More like, a Jesus Celebration Party

People all over the world getting prepared for Christmas, decorating the house, tree and some times even themselves. Everyone is shopping, buying gifts for people they know, getting themselves prepared for the big day. But truly the whole reason we are getting ready is for Jesus! We are preparing for the arrival for the Lord, the deliverer, Christ the King……Jesus!!!

It’s not the stuff

So when all of us are with others celebrating the day with food, presents and each other’s company remember why we celebrate, it’s a giant birthday party celebration and our King is why we honor the day. So when you tune in to the news and see people fighting for gifts, sometimes brutally violent over material “stuff” you have to wonder, are they seeing the bigger picture? Peace, Joy. Love? This is what our Savior came to bring, throughout the ages of time, not violence, jealousy and hoarding.

So in this great Season of Christ, let us remember that what we do with our time here on earth is something we must always treasure because we may not always be together every year or see the ones we care for all the time. With this dear ones I wish for you the blessings of our dear Lord on this CELEBRATION EVE!

“I don’t want to go back!”

                                                                       “I don’t want to go back!”

These probably were the words of Joseph, The Lord’s earthly Father and guardian when he was running from the whole situation back home, Mary pregnant? Not mine? How can I face anyone and face Mary too? These were  most likely the thoughts of a young up and coming groom as he desperately ran away that fateful night in the desert when the angel appeared to Joseph in a dream.

Matthew 1:20-21 But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit.  She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”

Think about this, how brave was Joseph? I think he was scared and he had his doubts.


We want to run away, don’t know the outcome, are scared, afraid of ridicule, what will they think of me now? These are the things that leaders must face everyday. When you lead you are always under the scrutiny of others, it’s a fact, no one is going to like everything you say or do. But to make a stand for the things that are right is a noble but wearing position to be in, not everyone is a Joseph. But with prayer and alittle work you can hear the call of God to lead and be good at it! He’s looking for leaders… He’s growing them right now, but do you need an angel to stop you before you get to the desert?