Having a heart for Jesus enables us to be in His glory as we thank Him everyday for the gifts and blessings He has given us. It is by our faith that we see Jesus and know Him in intimate ways. But at this time of the year we draw nearer to Him as we recognize everything that we are grateful for.

Have we looked at the people who¬†don’t have the blessings of food, money and a place to live? Have we seen the sickness someone is bearing and not called? Or are we just being selfish in our actions and not facing what really is happening all around us everyday of the year. People are hurting out there. You are blessed and gifted, come to realize that you can help others by some small gesture that will light up someone else’s day! If you can’t get to someone then pray for them, that’s a free gift for all to use! Be happy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


One thought on “Thankfulness

  1. Pat harrison says:

    Could not have said it better but I’m guilty of not doing anything for those who have less on this Thanksgiving Day.

    Normally, I give out money to the homeless but need to volunteer at a soup kitchen or similar venue to really give of my time and my spirit.

    Thanks for the reminder.


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