Christ Leading

When you are led Christ and not the world you are led  in directions that can cause you to either be very happy or sad as you learn to trust Him for everything. When nothing is happening, step back and allow God to work even harder in you and help you grow as a mature Christian seizing each day for Him, in Him and with Him.

Taking the time to Thank God for Blessings during times when you are unsure proves to God that you can be dependable and ready for any kind of spontaneous work or task He may put you to. Many times when you do the things that are spontaneous you see His work in a different way somehow not matching up to what you expected to be doing. You may have ideas of what He wants you do, but it turns out to be very different. Praise Him all through your triumphs and treasure Him as His hand is seen in the unseen.


Having a heart for Jesus enables us to be in His glory as we thank Him everyday for the gifts and blessings He has given us. It is by our faith that we see Jesus and know Him in intimate ways. But at this time of the year we draw nearer to Him as we recognize everything that we are grateful for.

Have we looked at the people who don’t have the blessings of food, money and a place to live? Have we seen the sickness someone is bearing and not called? Or are we just being selfish in our actions and not facing what really is happening all around us everyday of the year. People are hurting out there. You are blessed and gifted, come to realize that you can help others by some small gesture that will light up someone else’s day! If you can’t get to someone then pray for them, that’s a free gift for all to use! Be happy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

be a Willing Servant

Be a Willing Servant

Nancy Sabato



To be a willing servant we must examine our hearts first. Do we serve God because we


are obligated or do we feel pushed or pressured? That is not how our Lord wants us to


serve Him. Jesus came in to save so many people of a destructive path that we commonly


don’t appreciate all he has done for us. To serve Him is an act of kindness that sometimes


goes unseen but always seen by God. Is there something that holds you back?



When I first started out as a born again Christian, all I wanted to do was serve the Lord.


A couple of years ago I decided to volunteer for a non profit organization that housed


mentally handicapped adults. I went through the motions and thought I really want to


serve God and this seems like a great way. As I started to fill out the paperwork and it


was on its way through the screening process, in my heart I felt little hesitant, almost felt


like it was going to be a burden on my life, I tried to ignore this and signed up. There was


no backing out now, going through the paperwork process and training, I had to show my


integrity and stay with it, didn’t want to look like a quitter.



My paperwork was cleared and  I began to show up every other Tuesday night with my


craft box in hand, ready to start some easy projects and spending time with four women,


it was a challenge keeping them focused but they seemed to like to color, paint  or cut


and paste pictures. It was fun to see them, they remembered a lot about what we did and


mostly would talk about their families. But I wasn’t really feeling like I was making an


impact spiritually for God as that was my focus as a new Christian.


One night I went over there craft box in hand on a very cold night in the winter. As I


reached the room where we would meet, no one was there. They completely forgot I was


coming. I felt a little insulted at the time, thinking I am showing up as a volunteer and


they couldn’t remember? But it was just a mistake. The leaders forgot I was coming, but


it was enough ammunition for me to quit going back. I got an email from the person that I


trained with she was responsible for volunteers; she asked me why I haven’t been back. I


told her the story; she tried to convince me to go back. But my heart wasn’t in it anymore.



Throughout this stage I prayed constantly for God to show me how I can serve Him. This


was a way I could but I didn’t see it at that time. All I wanted to do was constantly share


Jesus with others, but as new Christians don’t understand that you don’t have to preach to


people to allow the Holy Spirit to come forth in kindness and virtue. Jesus wants us to


always share His love story with others, but we can also be a guiding force to others as a


living light that comes from our acts of goodness and appreciation.



Serving God is something that comes naturally because you want to please him. things


from your heart are very important to Him and if you don’t fee that this is your talent to


serve in a particular way, then do what is your talent and love doing it. Do it with your







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