Pray for the Nations

This is a tough  time for the world, things are changing at rapid speed and we as Christians must follow Jesus teachings as we move this time on earth. Many things that Jesus said were to happen, are.

No one knows the day or the hour, only God the Father knows. But we must keep oil in  our lamps burning waiting for His return.  While the rest of the world is looking away you must be always ready and waiting on God. For it is the reluctant that think they have time but as we examine the words of Christ we must always be ready, the signs are clear.


How does the Blood of Chirst cover your Sins?

The manifest spirit of Christ which comes to us in the form of the Holy Spirit reminds us that there are a multitude of sins covered in the Blood of Christ given freely to you as a gift in grace.

The Lord has died and  risen in body to rule over the nations at the right hand of Father God. You must spread the news of Christ as fast as you can, You were chosen to speak for Him as a representative to this world in order for others to inherit the salvation freely given through His blood. Our jobs as representatives of Christ is to spread the good news, have you thought creatively how you can do this?

Through His blood we can grow in the word of God and help others see how we as Christians behave in a world surrounding us with all kinds of worldly pleasures that many have not sought God and asked for Him or His Help .

Now I am asking you, who are reading this Blog to ask yourself how can I spread the good news to the world that there is Power in His Blood, that He dies in our place to save the world-you and me. Isn’t the Lord of your life worth the time and effort  to help others see Him in His Glory??????

There is Power in the Blood of Christ

The Blood of Christ covers a multitude of sins,  God has the upper hand in all that is established here on earth. If we seek the many ways that God has blessed us because His Son Jesus shed His blood and  gave His life so that it all covers the sins that have taken place we praise you Lord Jesus for every gift and blessing seen and unseen.

As Christ reigns on His throne at Gods right hand, He knew he was the ultimate sacrifice and that however things may be on earth for His people that they would be loved and their prayers would be answered. We must pray and ask for His spiritual blessings and be ready to receive the free gift of salvation bought by Jesus.