Speaking from the Heart

There is so much going on these days, running here and there trying to get things accomplished and then going on to the next project or task. But you know sometimes we need to stop and take time for someone who may need us to talk to.

God has been teaching me this lately. I walk the dog everyday and just about run past neighbors because I have to get back to my office to do more work, I’m learning that I can just work a little longer or be more organized so that I can give people the time to talk.

Today, I am speaking from my heart, give others time. Yes its precious to you, but it matters to God that you embrace time with each other even when there is no special need except a listening ear. Sometimes you may be put in front of someone just  so you can encourage them or give an encouraging word.  I’m telling you, I live to please God and if He is directing me to spend time , just a little extra time with someone-I’m there!  Do you pay attention to His call?


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