Bible is Authority

When people decide to go their own way and not follow Gods commands and words from scripture, it is their fall-away. They have made the decision to follow the world, what the world dictates and the fall of man. …….No one is perfect, but as we strive towards the goal of living with Jesus in the Kingdom we must continue to watch our steps, seize control of our mouths and sinful thoughts as we live rightly for Him and the cause of the Kingdom.

We may not always know what the right thing to do is, if it’s in Gods mind for us to do, if we should take a step towards accomplishing goals, but we know the prize ahead as we stay on the path of righteousness, goodness, kindness, love and mercy and all the guidelines are in the Bible. It is our Authority, not any man living on this earth is and if he is a person on earth that is in authority it is because God put him there for a reason, but He won’t Save you, only Christ can, so following Christ and the  Bible as His handbook is the way to our Heavenly Home! Shalom


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