New Day a New Prayer

based on so much that is happening in the world to-day, God has so many plans for you ans=d me. Don’t let what people say or do effect you when you are making such good progress in your journey with HIM!

HE has your back, where as people do not. Just remember who blesses you, not people! GOD does, keep that perspective and you will be ok!



2 thoughts on “New Day a New Prayer

  1. Peggy Kannaday says:

    Dear Friend,
    You are so-o right.
    We, as Christians have to get over being a man pleaser. The Bible tells us clearly that if we are still influenced by people in always trying to please them; we cannot be a real bond servant of The Lord Jesus Christ.
    The Bible tells us that the help of man is vain, and that is only too true. We need to love people, but we cannot allow them to influence our walk with almighty God.
    We must put The Lord First in our hearts and lives, and to seek Him first and His righteousness, and then everything else will be added onto us.


    • godssimplekindness says:

      We are to check into our own walk with Christ to see Him in fullness.
      Does that mean we outwardly flaunt sin and it’s acceptable?
      Let us follow only Christ who washes our sins clean with His Blood and
      keeps us from sin.


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