Technology Good or Bad?

One day not long ago, I was working in the field (sales by trade) and I walked into a Diner in New Jersey on Route 10. As I waited for the manager to come out, I stood and watched three men sitting on the stools at the counter, checking their Iphones-text messages. I watched for a little while and realized that they weren’t talking to each other and had an opportunity to do that. Instead the technology has separated them, or shall I say isolated them. They weren’t speaking to one another, I thought how sad is this? I can’t believe that people have come to this. But why don’t I think that it’s just another Devil’s tool to separate people from knowing one another and from seeking companionship. Sort of like the computer and video games another tool devised to separate you from people to isolate you and keep you occupied so you don’t spend time talking to people in your family or calling some friends on the phone.

Don’t get me wrong, I am guilty of this. At times checking email while on the phone with someone who I should really be giving my time to. So the only thing I can say is if this rings true for you, limit the time you spend on the computer and start paying attention to human beings because we don’t live forever and our precious time here with the people we love is very dear. I hope you are encouraged and understand what I am saying,

God Bless you, till my next post!


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