May 21- Test

May 21 has come and gone. Anxiety for some, others emotional upset and many laughing at the people who took this seriously. It shook the souls of many.

 But this was  just a test to the people of the world. What do you worship? This world or God.

It was a wake up call,  someday this will happen – Mathew 24:36, Jesus said only the Father knows. But did it get you thinking about where you will be for eternity? Life everlasting? Did it make you want to go seek out your Bible and pray to God to save you? Then Harold Camping did his job. He was the Jonah, warning of the impending disaster. But clearly I am saying watch and pray. This world will someday come to an end or you may pass through sooner than that but remember who do you want to save your soul? Not the things of this world, but Jesus, everlasting love and King of the universe. AMEN


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