Are the Leaders of the World praying to God?

The world is spinning, the events are turning, we are caught up in this time but what I see is a lack of prayer from any leaders of any country. No relying on God for truth or in prayer for direction. Are you seeing this? What does lack of prayer lead you? Destruction…a road to destruction.

Events that are taking place right now are out of our control, we can only rely on God to take the reins. We must hold onto Him as if we were in the deepest hole and hoping for His help. This world will end someday, but our souls are eternally His. We depend on this and lack of understanding from the people who are running the decisions are not obeying God but the ruler of this world and their fate is sealed by God.

Should anyone ask you who you believe in, tell them the creator of this world your God and mine… Jesus our Lord the Son of God. AMEN


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