May 21- Test

May 21 has come and gone. Anxiety for some, others emotional upset and many laughing at the people who took this seriously. It shook the souls of many.

 But this was  just a test to the people of the world. What do you worship? This world or God.

It was a wake up call,  someday this will happen – Mathew 24:36, Jesus said only the Father knows. But did it get you thinking about where you will be for eternity? Life everlasting? Did it make you want to go seek out your Bible and pray to God to save you? Then Harold Camping did his job. He was the Jonah, warning of the impending disaster. But clearly I am saying watch and pray. This world will someday come to an end or you may pass through sooner than that but remember who do you want to save your soul? Not the things of this world, but Jesus, everlasting love and King of the universe. AMEN

Are the Leaders of the World praying to God?

The world is spinning, the events are turning, we are caught up in this time but what I see is a lack of prayer from any leaders of any country. No relying on God for truth or in prayer for direction. Are you seeing this? What does lack of prayer lead you? Destruction…a road to destruction.

Events that are taking place right now are out of our control, we can only rely on God to take the reins. We must hold onto Him as if we were in the deepest hole and hoping for His help. This world will end someday, but our souls are eternally His. We depend on this and lack of understanding from the people who are running the decisions are not obeying God but the ruler of this world and their fate is sealed by God.

Should anyone ask you who you believe in, tell them the creator of this world your God and mine… Jesus our Lord the Son of God. AMEN

A Spiritual Time

Today a willing spirit will be understanding the way God is moving us all in this time. Brace yourself for the Kingdom work on earth as things begin to develop  and the future of the people are in jeopardy of not knowing God the way they should.

Be a willing spirit and remember that you can make a difference in someone’s life today, you can change a heart and you can pray for peace and love for this world and for others. Our time on earth is temporary but while we are here we should do as Jesus asked us and help to spread the word of Christ in a loving understanding way.  For you can make a difference right where you live and work, the Holy Spirit moves us through this and enables us to speak to the hearts of Gods people. This is a spiritual time, the Harvest is ripe, let us pick!

Christians March strong

As we journey through time remember that christ loved us from before inception, He loved us and has written our name in the Book of Life. let us join together to remember how much we worship Him and adore Him for all the Blessings, seen and unseen He has given us.

Do we remember to praise Him when we are working? Or when we are shoveling snow? Maybe no, but remember that He has given us life and breath and has given us opportunity to smile or be sad. Let us not forget how much we love Him and how much He wants us to praise and worship Him! Alleluia, Christ is Savior, Alleluia Christ is Lord!