The Suffering of Christ

For which man can see the everlasting truth that is of God.

Many will come to the cross of Christ and wonder how He took His pain. But we must remember as christians that christ came into this world for us to be the savior. He did not  come in to be glorified but to serve and to heal the sickness of people who had lost all hope. The fall of many people will happen as time progresses we shall see the son of Man rise again and His glory will be as far wide as the sands of time. Let no man be so bold as to say that Jesus was only a man. They are not speaking from Gods point of View.

Rest in the Savior’s words that today, mark this day as the beginning of the time of transition. the world will not be the same after this time, it will begin to see that Christ is walking among us in greatness and power and that no one can stand in His way or ours. blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosana in the Highest.

He suffered for you and me. remember this as you celebrate the resurrection Sunday!


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