Jesus, Open my Spiritual Eyes

When we look at the text in the Bible, we must always ask God to open our spiritual eyes to what the scripture is showing us. Some scripture that we read will penetrate our minds and soulĀ  that we can see Jesus fully in all ways. But if we rely on our own knowing then we will not see what the scripture actually holds.

Jesus spoke in many spiritual ways with parablesĀ  that when we read them each time the meaning gets deeper, the walk stronger the path straighter. So pray, Lord open my spirit, open my eyes so I may see you today just the way you want me to. Lord thank you for giving me the Holy Spirit so that I May walk with you and obey you in all things


One thought on “Jesus, Open my Spiritual Eyes

  1. Jennifer says:

    Yes Lord open our eyes so that we may see the thing cannot seen by our naked eyes. Open our Hearts so that we may learn to accept everything what comes in our way, it is your way…And Only Your Way We will follow. We Love You Lord! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LORD!


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