So much anger, So little time

Have you ever met someone who has so much anger and rants unnecessarily over it? Well today that was my experience with 3 people on 3 different levels of anger. But all in all when you think about it, that person is really hurt . The person that betrayed them misused their relationship and thought then a fool, But the outcome is selfishness on all parts because the betrayer is selfish in nature and cares less about anyone else and the betrayed  is hurt and won’t forgive that betrayer.

But think, the time we have here is so limited to carry bitterness only hurts yourself. We always must pray that God takes our pride away and forgives us for not forgiving and letting it go Jesus said we must forgive so that our Father in heaven forgives us.

So don’t waste time standing in the mud, get out and wash with the living water of peace!


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